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Female Waxing Prices

Brazilian female waxing services for hair removal are available for women at our two Manhattan, N.Y. locations: one in the Murray Hill District of East midtown Manhattan, and the other in downtown Manhattan in the Flatiron and Gramercy Park district.

You will be delighted at the fabulous and affordable Brazilian waxing treatments we have for you. You’ll never have to deal with cuts, infections, or skin irritation from a razor blade again, which many women do before having intimate times with their partner, and they also use accessories from this Doxy wand review to have even more fun.

We not only specialize in Brazilian waxing treatments, but in all women’s waxing hair removal services. You can trust that our waxing procedures are hygienic, as we adhere to a strict no double-dipping policy. In addition, you can be sure our experienced and professional wax technicians will always respect your privacy.

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Click on the circles below to check out all of our female waxing services and prices at our two Manhattan locations. (Services may vary at each location.)

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Body and Face Azulene Waxing

Cirepil/Hardwax for Women

We offer a free consultation to discuss your waxing preferences as well as providing a free waxing test on a small area of skin to help you determine which wax you want.

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